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Datacryptor - Série 5000

High Performance Security for Data In Motion



    • Comprehensive data in motion security for Layer 2, IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
    • 95% bandwidth efficiency optimizes encrypted throughput  from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
    • Integrated group key management system scales to support hundreds of encryptors with no-cost redundancy
    • Traffic Flow Security prevents traffic analysis and side channel attacks
    • Field upgradeable to protect against new threats and to ensure long service life


Security Features 

    • Datacryptor 5000 Series products are designed to meet the latest worldwide standards for commercial cryptography.
    • Traffic Flow Security completely masks traffic patterns to prevent traffic analysis.
    • Galois Counter Mode ensures data integrity.
    • Group Key Management enables multiple VLANs to be separated by key material (multi-tenancy).
    • Unicast and Multicast key delivery ensures quick setup and low overhead keying of large scale networks.
    • Each Datacryptor 5000 device can simultaneously perform encryption and key management functions providing redundant backup key servers at no additional cost.
    • Key Server and Key Management implementation scales to support many hundreds of encryptors.

Operational Features

    • Operates in Point to Point, Hub and Spoke, and Multipoint Mesh Layer 2 architectures.
    • Layer 3 IP Tunnel capability enables Layer 2 encrypted traffic to be routed over any IPv4 or IPv6 network.
    • Programmable Turbo Efficiency mode achieves up to 95% bandwidth efficiency for encrypted traffic.
    • Variable speed licenses can be purchased as physical link and capacity demands grow.
    • Smart card configuration enables quick remote deployments without the need for security expertise at each site.
    • Field upgradeable to ensure many years of continuous service.
    • Robust hardware design on 19” Rack Mount models include redundant fans and power supplies (hot swappable for Datacryptor 5300 and Datacryptor 5400 models).
    • A small form factor version (Datacryptor 5100) is available to facilitate use in space-constrained environments.